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Ah..! I've finally posted here...
And trying to make it live..!><

Alias: Nena
Location: Campbell, but I'm moving to Oregon in March-ish next year. T T
Favorite Band: Satsuki(actually an artist... ex. RENTRER EN SOI) DELUHI, ALSDEAD, THE KIDDIE, BUCK-TICK, Dir en grey, HIGH AND MIGHTY COLOR, Asian Kung Fu Generation ...etc @@;
Favorite Song: So so manyyy!!
How you got into Jrock: Well when I go into visual kei it was from reading a friend's post about Fanime and how An Cafe was there, and I started listening to random bands... or it could've been from listening to an anime radio that played GazettE, Merry and Dir en grey. @_@ ; Don't remember... >_<;

So ... anyways..I might be going to the X concert in Oakland next week. ^^ And I'm going to see VAMPS in October. It would be cool to see some of you there. It would also be cool to have a v-kei meet up!! Or something?!... Sometime....lol (・ω・)
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