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Looking for Vocalist & Drummer

Seeking Jrock Vocalist & Drummer!

akai SKY, a San Francisco-based American Japanese Rock (Jrock) band, seek a new male or female vocalist and drummer to complete their current line-up (guitar and bass). The band has been gigging regularly since 2005 at Japanese cultural events and local clubs and have gigs lined up throughout the rest of 2008.

This is a great opportunity for someone who's looking to join the American Jrock scene with an established band! The band members have a great love for writing music, performing gigs all across the country and having lots of fun doing what they love.

To hear some samples of the band's music or to learn more about its members, please visit Please keep in mind that YOU ultimately have a big influence on the band's new sound and the music will evolve and change with your input.

  • Passionate about Jrock music

  • Committed to practice regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area (at least once during the weekend)

  • Able to take time off work/school to occasionally to travel to gigs

  • Vocalist must be comfortable singing in the Japanese language

  • Drummer must have own drum set

  • Age, ethnicity, Japanese language proficiency and skill level are NOT important. What is important is your dedication and motivation to succeed.

    If you are interested, please contact the band at:
    Email: info @akaisky. com

    More about the akai SKY:
    akai SKY stands as the premier American Jrock band in Northern California. The San Francisco-based band fuses Japanese pop lyrics and heavy rock sounds to create a unique mesh of music. The band tours all across California, as well as throughout the country, including Nevada and Texas.

    The band played at venues celebrating Asian culture, such as Fanime's MusicFest with bands from Japan, as well as Anime Expo, the largest anime convention in the United States. With a plethora of shows under their belts, akai SKY strives to share their distinctive sound with the international music scene.

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